Wednesday, March 27, 2013

CPS has ruined my baby girls childhood The latest message from a the

The latest message from the woman that stole my baby.   I opened my flickr to find this today. oh my God, I cant breathe.  Im shaking. This woman would rather watch my daughter attepmt suicide over and over again then to grant her her wishes and let her come home.

From Sami impersonating Aloura
this is such a joke.  To think she believes I would believe my 14 yr old girl wrote this is insane.

You really screwed my life up.

hi its alora.  I want you to know how much you hurt me.Right now, i am honestly considering killing myself.If you would have taken care of me when i was younger i would not be in this position.I have been in a MENTAL HOSPITAL 33 times!You are the worst person in this fucking world!Just know that if i kill myself,its all YOUR fault.If only you would have taken care of me amber.And dont act like this is my mom sending you this message.All of thoses messages you got last time were from ME! You hurt me and ABRA!I wish your were DEAD! If you knew you couldnt take care of a daughter, they you shouldnt of had SEX!I wish you NEVER gave birth to me!FUCK YOU...Go to hell amber.THis is all your fault!Even when im 18,if im still alive, i am NEVER going to have contact with you AGAIN!

My response
NIce try sami.. dont u understand when i asked you what the name of the girl was that contacted me on facebook you said "addy". Addy is not a name Sami i used the word addy as an abreviation for address. When i asked you this question you went back to my flickr mail that i had sent you and read through quickly mistaking addy for a name. But then you kept reading the sentance and realized your mistake and finally stated the real name of alouras friend whom she sent to find me. But it was too late Sami. At that point i knew i was right. I knew t wasnt my daughter that found me on Flickr, it was you. You dug your own grave and you will keep digging as long as you keep lying to my baby girl. you alone have the power to doom Alouras childhood to misery. Why dont you think about opening a bible and really try to know God.