Monday, November 12, 2012

Confirmation via Text of what i already knew

So out of nowhere on a Saturday this weekend i get a text to my phone.  It is from a number that is linked to one of those simple "free text" apps for apple.
The number was 615 338-7195
I dont understand why this woman is making this contact with me.  I am thankful for it because I have obvious, in black and white, proof that she is threatened by my presence, even if it be only on the Internet.  Why is she seeking me out, pretending to be my daughter?  What is she trying to accomplish?  Here is the text conversation, you tell me how guilty of insanity is this woman?'

Aloura Impersonator
-Mom? Hurry answer me
-I only have a couple minutes
Guess you dont really care

Who is this

Aloura Impersonator
-Goose Mom


Aloura Impersonator
-I am using Aarons Ipad

Who is Aaron, Oh my God
-I thought it was you on flickr, wait what is your friends name from the hospital that u told to find me on FB
How did you find my number?

(Right Here she screws up so easy. Addy? stay tuned)

Aloura Impersonator
I am using Aarons Ipad
-Or suzi, which one?

There you go, thank god

Aloura Impersonator
-U sent me ur # then u dont rememeber?

Its u? Im scared. I totallydivulged all my stuff to you on Flickr. But, it wasnt you. Ya of course i remember but i didnt think you got it.
-Wait, all this stuff is stuff Sami could have known bc of the stuff i sen ton FLickr.
How do i know its you

Aloura Impersonator
Well, i will text you later when everyone is in bed i dont want to get caught

-What theme was ur first birthday party? And What theme was the last birthday we spent together....Answer me then
-If its yo. I love you and im dying without you
-This so is NOT Aloura, YOUR fucking crazy
-What r u trying to fucking prove? That your crazy!!! All your doing is giving me more proof that your a fucking child stealer! May God have judgement on you first theif.
-The good always prevails psycho and you will lose extremly.
-Keep it up.  FUel for my fire that will burn you to the ground.
(now read my post regarding the correspondence we had on flickr.  Addy is what i wrote to abbreviate Address)
-It sucks to be you
-My daughter will make it her life mission to stop the sicknees of cps and people like you that make money off of kids
-She will hate you the second she gets the real story.  Ur a sick demon and god only knows how you go to sleep at night.
U do a bad job of portraying a 14 year old.

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