Saturday, June 23, 2012

Letter From A Theif

For a Foster Parent to have so much opinion about a parent of whose child they are "raising" is scary to me.   There is an obvious conflict of interest in her words and intentions.

This letter was sent to my friend as a response to him reaching out to her on face book.  It ends abruptly.  If you know the law, you see the obvious lies.  If you are not familiar with the proceedings of the system you can feel the wrong. I will be pointing out the lies and details of this letter on my you tube video.  Please follow me and my you tube channel.

"I'm not sure who you are but the courts gave Amber 2 1/2 years to get it together & in that time she did not even 1 thing on her plan & never even once would drug test for them & at the final hearing she walked out. The courts wanted to give her only 12 months & I asked for them to give her more time because I was sure she would do the right thing, but I wrong. I have never said an ugly word to my daughter about Amber just that she made poor Choices, to tear apart the woman she came from would only hurt my daughter more. I set it up with social services that when she turns 18 she will have full access to all info regarding Amber & Amber has been instructed by them to give them updates about that time. But at this time my daughter remembers all by her self what happened & can't understand why Amber won't respect her enough to stop trying to force her way back in to her life when she could have never lost her if she would have made better choices. The last time Amber tried to contact Alora she nearly killed herself & spent almost 2 weeks in a mental hospital. My daughter is surrounded by a loving church, youth group, friends, & family who respect her wishes as well as counselors & doctors. If you are truly a friend to Amber please tell her that Alora finding out she had another sister only sent her into a depression wandering why Amber supposedly has it together enough to raise that one but couldn't get it together enough for her. Please respect my daughters privacy & do not contact me again. As a Christian you should understand that a loving God can heal all & if Amber is truly changed she should be the first one to try to guard Alora from pain & not just think of her own wants, but put Alora first. & when the time comes that Alora is ready to contact Amber her attacking me & all the years I've spent with her protecting her, loving her, & getting her all the professional help she needs will only make Alora angry & cause to not want a relationship with"

Remember this is the first communication I have had what so ever since the state decided to release her from orangewood into samis cre.  I had no clue that this woman was even attempting to gain custody of aloura until the day i went to visit her and she had already been released to samis care.

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