Saturday, June 23, 2012

Letter from a obvious threatened foster parent

This letter was written to me on facebook.  Sami has an older daughter that was 7 at the time.  I reached out to her first, not knowing where she stood but very much aware that Sami was monitoring Alyssas account.  Well, i got a response back from Sami, not her daughter.  This woman is frightened, and obviously at a loss at how she will continue her charades. How will she hide Aloura from the truth once she is free to find me and the fight i have been engulfed in since the day i was without her.  How can Sami cover up what is all around her?  She cant, but, she thinks she somehow has to.
All the while knowing very well that a teenager would be incapable of writing such a hostile letter.  It was Sami posing as her daughter.

"dont you ever dare try to contact me or my family ever again. youve done enough damage and its in your best interest to leave my mom and her family including Alora out of your life. I swear on m life that Alora will never see you again. I dont care what your blog has to say we all know the truth Amber and you will never understand the damage you caused not only Alora but me and my mom because of your mistakes. My mom has done everything she can to give Alora a better life then you could ever give her and we are trying to help her get better. We all know she isnt crazy she just needs counseling because of the hell YOU put her through. And trying to seek information out of Christina yes i know your talking to Christina because im friends with Lexy and im not an idiot but thats pathetic honestly you have your life Amber you made your choices and you are going to suffer the consequences for the rest of your life. I dont ever in my life want to hear that you reached out to Alora she is my sister and i will protect her no matter what and you fucked shit up in her life. I never liked you I always had bad feeling about you. And if you have a problem with anything I said i dont care you mean nothing to me. you are nothing i cant believe you let your daughter be molested at such a young age because you were on drugs and stripping. My mom is THE only real mom Alora will ever know. Alora is traumatized by what you didnt do for her and your neglect to grow up and be a mom to not only her but Abra. Again Alora was taken from you because of your lack to be a mom read the case files if you cant remember correctly. Dont take this message as a threat take it as a promise that I will do everything in my power to make sure Alora never has contact with you ever again."

and it continues.......
    • you know nothing. you were a kid and she will be home soon enough. god bless you too
    • aloura will always be my daughter, always be my baby. Cps is corrupted and it will come to light in the most intense of ways.
    • do some research
    • I still have joint custody of Abra, funny huh? if i was such a bad mom why did they not take her way too? Because Abra couldnt produce money for the system. Aloura was an easy target, with sami willing to adopt. Another bonus earning in the social workers pocket
    • you got a lot to learn
    • Aloura knows where she belongs and knows the love, we have a bond no one can ever touch. through lies or fabrications. She knows that in her heart and in the end it will all come to par with a testimony so strong, the system will change.
    • you were 6, you had a mom that hated me and was extremely jealous. She is my blood and will never have a touch like that of her mommy. The smell. DO you know what she said to me at our last visit, "mommy i dont like the way i smell now that i live with sami, i want to smell how i you smell, when i lived with you" Deeper then you can begin to comprehend.
  • Amber Celeste Stanley
    • court documents merely state what lies need to be told to make the system look like they have reason. Have you ever seen the police report from the day i called the cops on the man that hurt aloura? do you know anything other then lies in falsified documents and ur mother words? It goes beyond what you have been told and seen. way deeper
  • Amber Celeste Stanley
    • oh one last thing, your mom should have stayed the heck away. She had no business coming near my daughter ever.@@@ Who decides they are going to step in and change 7 yr olds name? the truth will prevail and all the glory to god the day it does.
  • Alysa Maire Bradley
    • Again contact my family in any way and I will file a report against you to protect my family. You need to stay clear away from us.

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