Wednesday, March 27, 2013

CPS has ruined my baby girls childhood The latest message from a the

The latest message from the woman that stole my baby.   I opened my flickr to find this today. oh my God, I cant breathe.  Im shaking. This woman would rather watch my daughter attepmt suicide over and over again then to grant her her wishes and let her come home.

From Sami impersonating Aloura
this is such a joke.  To think she believes I would believe my 14 yr old girl wrote this is insane.

You really screwed my life up.

hi its alora.  I want you to know how much you hurt me.Right now, i am honestly considering killing myself.If you would have taken care of me when i was younger i would not be in this position.I have been in a MENTAL HOSPITAL 33 times!You are the worst person in this fucking world!Just know that if i kill myself,its all YOUR fault.If only you would have taken care of me amber.And dont act like this is my mom sending you this message.All of thoses messages you got last time were from ME! You hurt me and ABRA!I wish your were DEAD! If you knew you couldnt take care of a daughter, they you shouldnt of had SEX!I wish you NEVER gave birth to me!FUCK YOU...Go to hell amber.THis is all your fault!Even when im 18,if im still alive, i am NEVER going to have contact with you AGAIN!

My response
NIce try sami.. dont u understand when i asked you what the name of the girl was that contacted me on facebook you said "addy". Addy is not a name Sami i used the word addy as an abreviation for address. When i asked you this question you went back to my flickr mail that i had sent you and read through quickly mistaking addy for a name. But then you kept reading the sentance and realized your mistake and finally stated the real name of alouras friend whom she sent to find me. But it was too late Sami. At that point i knew i was right. I knew t wasnt my daughter that found me on Flickr, it was you. You dug your own grave and you will keep digging as long as you keep lying to my baby girl. you alone have the power to doom Alouras childhood to misery. Why dont you think about opening a bible and really try to know God.

Friday, January 25, 2013

an email that reminds me of my purpose

Woke up this morning to an amazing email...

"Hello, My name is ******r. I'm from Maine.. I am in the middle of a battle with CPS for my daughter ********. She is my entire world. She was taken away from me by the state and her fathers parents. I miss her every day... it's a sad world we live in that our children can be taken away for little to no reason. She was taken away from me in 2008 after I lost my baby boy **** in a car accident. I was pregnant, 22 weeks.. he weighed less than one pound. He was born alive! He laid in my arms for 2 1/2 hours not breathing, but his little heart was beating. He was beautiful. He passed away when I finally let the pastor come in to say a prayer. It was then that I realized God was there for me. After that I went through emotional hell and had my daughter stay with her grandparents for what was supposed to be a temporary time but was then deemed unfit to be her mommy even though I needed her as much as she needed me. I am at least able to see her every now and again but only when they decide it's ok. My best friend was not so lucky. After her ex-husband beat her almost to death, then a man raped and stabbed her three times, CPS in Massachusetts took her twins girls and younger daughter away from her. She doesn't like to talk about it, naturally, but after fighting for three years they took her parental rights away and placed the girls in foster care. Permanently. I met her at my work and we instantly bonded and have become very close. She is healing, as am I. We have both been through hell, as it seems you have too. I randomly found your beautiful baby shower cards and read your profile. Fran and I have just found our creative sides. And I started with painting pretty much everything in my house. My bathroom- Fuchsia and leopard print. Tacky but who cares? I love it and it makes ME happy. :) I am inspired by you to push farther and see what else I can come up with. So far-- key holders, daily organizers for MEN hubby hehe he actually uses it! a "floating" enchanted bed for my daughters bedroom. I still have her bedroom all set up and ready for her.. :) And tons of other random things. Im sorry for writing all of this, I definitely don't want to upset you , I just wanted to tell you how much you inspired two broken souls from across the country. Thank you. Take care and God bless! Always, *****

Monday, November 12, 2012

Confirmation via Text of what i already knew

So out of nowhere on a Saturday this weekend i get a text to my phone.  It is from a number that is linked to one of those simple "free text" apps for apple.
The number was 615 338-7195
I dont understand why this woman is making this contact with me.  I am thankful for it because I have obvious, in black and white, proof that she is threatened by my presence, even if it be only on the Internet.  Why is she seeking me out, pretending to be my daughter?  What is she trying to accomplish?  Here is the text conversation, you tell me how guilty of insanity is this woman?'

Aloura Impersonator
-Mom? Hurry answer me
-I only have a couple minutes
Guess you dont really care

Who is this

Aloura Impersonator
-Goose Mom


Aloura Impersonator
-I am using Aarons Ipad

Who is Aaron, Oh my God
-I thought it was you on flickr, wait what is your friends name from the hospital that u told to find me on FB
How did you find my number?

(Right Here she screws up so easy. Addy? stay tuned)

Aloura Impersonator
I am using Aarons Ipad
-Or suzi, which one?

There you go, thank god

Aloura Impersonator
-U sent me ur # then u dont rememeber?

Its u? Im scared. I totallydivulged all my stuff to you on Flickr. But, it wasnt you. Ya of course i remember but i didnt think you got it.
-Wait, all this stuff is stuff Sami could have known bc of the stuff i sen ton FLickr.
How do i know its you

Aloura Impersonator
Well, i will text you later when everyone is in bed i dont want to get caught

-What theme was ur first birthday party? And What theme was the last birthday we spent together....Answer me then
-If its yo. I love you and im dying without you
-This so is NOT Aloura, YOUR fucking crazy
-What r u trying to fucking prove? That your crazy!!! All your doing is giving me more proof that your a fucking child stealer! May God have judgement on you first theif.
-The good always prevails psycho and you will lose extremly.
-Keep it up.  FUel for my fire that will burn you to the ground.
(now read my post regarding the correspondence we had on flickr.  Addy is what i wrote to abbreviate Address)
-It sucks to be you
-My daughter will make it her life mission to stop the sicknees of cps and people like you that make money off of kids
-She will hate you the second she gets the real story.  Ur a sick demon and god only knows how you go to sleep at night.
U do a bad job of portraying a 14 year old.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fake Foster Parent is inpersonating my girl all over the place~

Conversation between me and Sami Pretending to be Aloura on Flickr.
She sent me a message via my FLickr account from a profile that was created to impersonate ALoura.
"Is this woman digging her own grave or what?"

 Aloraboo Alora Bemis

☹☹Please reply.I just need to talk to you.Please reply soon!

are you there? Baby?

Your name is spelled with a U? Aloura? Sami changed the spelling to throw me off.
ok so, you had to write me here for a reason? Was this the only way you could get a message to me? I had been writing an email addy (READ TEXT POST TO SEE HOW THIS LITTLE WORD BUSTED THE NUTJOB) your friend suzi had given me on yahoo. She found me on facebook. Your name is all over the place. EVerything i put online i tag you. SO when you searched one day, you'd find me easy :)

dont risk calling if it in any way can be tracked to me. Down the line, if, she finds out you found me. We do not want her to know anything until your far away from there.
I love you baby girl. Can you use a computer at a library away from school? She is psycho and will go to any length to control all possible connections you have made with me.
Just be careful, im sure you are aware but now that i am in your reach, we cant lose it.

Last Reply:♥
one more thing

well actually i have like 1000 and a half more things to talk to you about. But, in time.
For now, i have added you on my yahoo messenger on all 3 of my yahoo accounts. fabricforcraft, amberingz, and ambercstanley. Only accept the one that wont draw suspicion, just in case. I have also requested messenger contact to both the alorabemis and

 Aloraboo Alora Bemis

☹i miss you,but i have to stay with my mom now.I will try to get contact as soon as i turn 18 because there is no possible way of going with you.

Aloura, really? I dont think this is aloura at all.....

 Aloraboo Alora Bemis 

☹I sware its me im at school it is me i promise

your so not my daughter.

 Aloraboo Alora Bemis

☹it is me i wasnt sure if she found this so i waited to reply... might have access tomorrow do you have pictures of Abra? rite me back

your digging a deeper hole for yourself. quit lying.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A heavy thought

A blog post written on June 4th 2007 

 My Justice was 6 months old and looking back this was my initial, level headed grasp AT making sense of the life I now faced. With this beautiful baby laying on my chest, i began accepting my reality.  The reality that the past 4 years had been spent in a lifeless state of shock and every moment after will be spent fighting.

"This time of the year.

Today Aloura turns nine.  Like any other day I replay the past 4 years over and over again through my head. It makes me wonder if my "obsession" over the order of events will ever subside.  Four years it's been, since they have not been with their mommy.  Some days are easier than others.  Abra turned 6 on April 29th.  Mother's day, their birthdays, it's this time of year when my strength is most tested. The pain inside hurts a bit worse and my outside layer is definitely being affected.  Last week I had to answer a lot of "are you O.K.'s?".    I resist writing because it brings tears.  "Deal with the tears Amber"  When the day comes that puts them in my arms again, the words written will be the proof that I was here wanting, loving and missing them every passing day. It will be proof that although I am strong and living.  A piece of my heart lives inside of them, wherever that that may be. 

       How I survived with this pain without Justice leaves me completely bewildered.  When I look at the photos, when I call Michael and again he doesn't pick up, when I simply realize that there is nothing I can do. It's out of my control.  I'm powerless.  I look at her, touch her, hold her and it saves me. 

            I just pray, pray that before they have to come find me themselves, someone helps me find them, helps me find Justice. 
            Happy birthday Aloura Ivy…………"